Thursday, September 02, 2004

Secrets of Arlington

I don't think you've ever really lived somewhere until you can say you know all the little secret places. I was out looking for new apartments (I'll graduate eventually and I'd love to stay around here) when I stumbled on some places that deserve an internet cataloging. I live in Rosslyn, which is the part of Arlington closest to DC. There are parts insanely built up around the main roads, while there are these little forgotten neighborhoods off the side streets. Here are some of the strange things you should see.

The Church of the Holy Spigot

This is the Arlington United Methodist Church, located at the corner of Fort Meyer and Key. On top of a Chevron Station, also located at the corner of Fort Meyer and Key. When you start to feel the Holy Spirit come over you and you feel dizzy, for the sake of the souls in three city blocks, don't light a prayer candle. Remember, it's the fumes and not the puddles. Stop, drop, and roll.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is part of the Newseum, the DC musuem for news and broadcasting. They wanted to put a park in Rosslyn, but discovered that there was, in fact, stuff already here. So they built a platform over Wilson Boulevard and most of Lynn Street and put a park on it. So, come enjoy the flowers, the wide views, and the fact that you're 30 feet up in the air. The flame statue in the background is engraved with the names of journalists killed in action.

Key Boulevard Community Garden

Walking along Key towards Quinn, there is this beautiful garden. I've seen people tending to it, but I'm not sure who's allowed to take stuff from it. I want to find out, because someone is growing habanero peppers and I like to put those in my omelettes. They've also just started on the pumpkins for this fall. The temptation to launch one off of Freedom Park (see above) must be overwhelming.

Abode of Grooviliciousness

Down several one-way streets, and past multiple signs that say dead end, I found this house. The picture will never do it justice, because the place just shines. I want to live next to this house. Sure, my place will look bland, but every party will be filled with wacky neighbor stories and the gentle smell of patchouli wafting over the fence.


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