Monday, July 11, 2005

An Explanation, of a Sort

I decided when I started this blog that I wanted it to be informative and hedging away from a livejournal-type thing. This was banking on my doing something adventurous and interesting every now and then, followed by my droll description of it and a hope that you, too, would get a chance to see what I see.

It's been nearly forever since I've updated and it is very important for me to say that I have been doing adventurous and interesting things, almost every day, but you won't get me to talk about it, because I'm in love with the most amazing woman I've ever known and I don't want to blaze her glory across the internet.

Every time I see her means one more chance to see if I learn to cope with her beauty. I still haven't. I still make horrible gawking faces and lose my train of thought. She saves frogs, reads the entire internet every day, knows the name of everything, corrects my (awful) Spanish, melts for kittens, flicks off Marines, dances to things that she should be too pale for, and eats. I mean, she eats like a goddess would eat, if goddesses could have nothing but goddess steak until the patriarchal monotheists came to cast them down. Which, if she could help it, would be never, if only for the sake of the heavenly sirloin.

So, just as soon as she and I get tired of doing every damn thing there is to do in this city and move on like hungry locusts, maybe I'll get around to writing like I wanted. I'm fine sharing my Bryson-esque miscues and drunken stumblings with the larger world, but as to the things she and I do together... I'm keeping those secret.

She's mine.

I'm hers.

And we're greedy.


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