Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hershey's S'mores Candy Bar

Put away your memories of campfire smoke-scented graham crackers (for those who were raised in the city, the ancient incense of crusted with old food stovetop burner-scented graham crackers) and embrace this new idea from Hershey’s:

Layers of actual graham cracker in the candy bar would lead to a sensation while biting down of chomping through the multiple decks of a Spanish galleon filled with a cargo of marshmallow from the West Indies. Delicious.

Instead, just use graham flour mixed with enriched wheat flour, corn syrup, and glycerin to create a two-thirds-of-a-S’mores colloid encased in a milk chocolate shell.

The effect is not terribly far from dropping a traditional S’mores sandwich into a blender and just eating that.


Blogger Le Bas Bleu said...

Hey!!! I *like* s'mores dropped in blenders, thankyouverymuch! Damned elitist snob.


your populist girlfriend

12:27 PM  

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