Monday, January 16, 2006

Let Freedom Ring Choir

I was privileged today to be a part of the Let Freedom Ring Choir, made up of Georgetown University students, staff, and faculty combined with community gospel groups, for their Martin Luther King Jr. Day Concert.

Tickets were really hard to get; not in terms of scarcity, but in terms of hoops to jump through to get them (one hour to pick them up, three hours before the show) which is my best excuse for not telling many people. However, give a little click on over to here to find it in the archive. You can find me right in the center. I'm the blond guy. I haven't seen the show yet, but you might catch me getting choked up during "We Shall Overcome."

Some highlights of this experience:

On being told in the green room that President Bush had just arrived, 250 people groaned.

We had a fast pre-show practice in the ballet warm-up room, where I found so much bored ballerina graffiti on the wall that I just had to document it for the non-ballerina world to see:

Frankfurt Ballet- "No Fear - No Hope"
Big Balls (in Cyrillic)
Order of the Incubi
Hey to Arsen, from the Polish Chicos
I'm Great
M. Kupinski= respect
Sokolowska was here!
I love you Hyun-Oh Shun (in Korean)

There was a good deal of security with wandings and very, very angry puppies in the hall, so I can understand why the choir wasn't terribly excited about the President coming. When he took the stage to give a speech honoring Martin Luther King Jr., the wire-tapped, pacifist, champion of the discriminated and the poor, I begrudged him his applause from the audience. Then I heard the roar when we came out. We kicked his sorry Connecticut ass.


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