Monday, July 31, 2006

I Have No Idea What's Going On Anymore

Serves me right for prognosticating.

However, note two important things: the Post this morning said that Sec. of State Rice had cancelled her trip to Beirut after the Qana bombing yesterday, but did not mention that the reason she didn't go is most likely because Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora has refused to speak to her.

Then, the Post went on to state that the 48 hour break in Israeli aerial operations was Secretary Rice's chief achievement of our diplomatic efforts. 12 hours into it, the Israeli Air Force had resumed air strikes using the caveat that ground operations needed to be protected and potential threats neutralized. In the course of this, a drone aircraft fired a missile at a car in Tyre that was thought to contain a senior Hizbullah leader. Instead it was filled with Lebanese soldiers, one of whom was killed.

So, with these two slights in mind, contemplate the larger potential peace process. Lebanon refuses to speak to our envoy and Israel will ignore her when they see fit. We refuse to speak to Syria, Iran, and, of course, Hizbullah. Previously, our chief contribution to arbitration in this conflict was to insist that a cease fire be withheld only to change our tack after it became unfashionable to be responsible for the deaths of children in multiples greater than five. Where the hell are we going with this?

The world's sole superpower has been reduced to asking its citizens to donate to the Red Cross and the Magen David Adom. Hell, I haven't even heard that out of the State Department.

Maybe I should be seeing more movies this summer; I still haven't seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean.


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