Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photo Trail

So I was serving as an ersatz bartender for an event at work last night, when one of the students in the Arab Studies program strikes up a conversation with her friendly wine pourer.

"Are you on facebook?"

"No, why?" I'm not. I was on friendster, but it was too slow, so I moved to myspace. Now that's getting a little too cam-whore filled, but I can't fathom moving everything and playing triage with who is really a "friend" and should be re-added, etc.

"Someone has a picture of you, you know, at that party."

"Oh. Huh."

For clarification, the party in question is the yearly student/faculty/staff eat and drink and dance party. I've gone to three now (two as a student, one as staff) and every single damn time, I drink a little and then there's a bellydancing contest and no one will pony up to the challenge. I tie my shirt into a bra and, well, I have these gifted hips.

I don't think I won the contest the first two times, as we had some rather talented bellydancers who were also women. The third year there was a contest for best female AND male dancer. In the spirit of gender studies, I won both.

The student continued talking.

"It's someone's profile picture."

"Great, who is it and I'll take a look."

"See, I don't remember and I don't think it was a student in Arab Studies..."

This picture (or, wow, pictures) of me in a DC Star Wars Collector's Club T-shirt (which my lovely fiance got from her job) tied into a functional bra, my white otter-belly showing beneath my lustrous crop of blond chest hair, my hands in the air twisted into the serpentine shape that have led so many sheikhs to comfort, perhaps with my hips blurred because there is no force that can capture them, this picture (which I have not yet seen, granted) has made its way through the larger Georgetown online community and if you want to do me a favor, poke around on facebook for a while and try to find it...

... because someone is getting a lot of sexy ladies through false advertising.


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