Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Internet Grab-bag

Not a day goes by in which I forget that the internet is an addictive and wonderful thing. Here’s a brief recollection of what I was able to learn in an about an hour at work while I was waiting for some paperwork to come back:

Some people craft helmets for their cats out of fruit, and then take
of them.

When pandas do get around to having sex, they seem to prefer the reverse cowgirl position.

There are two Spanish autonomous cities on the coast of North Africa encircled completely by double razorwire topped fences because they represent European Union soil and are besieged by Sub-Saharan refugees.

Jack Abramoff wrote and produced the movie Red Scorpion (occasionally seen on late night cable) before he turned to lobbying. In a chilling vision of the future ethical miasma to come, Dolph Lundgren blows communists up in a movie made with financing and technical assistance from Apartheid-era South Africa. The movie’s definitive line? “Are you out of your mind?” “No. Just out of bullets.” [burps]

You can make your own caffeinated chocolate, if you’re the sort that can stand crunching on grounds.

I bitch about Georgetown students a lot, but this makes me damn proud. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was on campus to sell the wiretapping effort when some GU law students stood up with their backs to him, holding a banner with a bastardized Ben Franklin quote, “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”

I don't pretend that the internet allows me to know everything, but it does let me make good conversation at parties, i.e. "You know, you should really make a fruit helmet for little Wemmick here. It would keep me from trying to put his head in my mouth."


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