Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Whetting

Between now and my last post, I got married to a wonderful woman in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by dear friends. Then we jetted off to Bali. You'd think these things would deserve blog postings and they do; surely I have stores of purple prose saved up about romance and commmittment and dedicatory offerings and mothers-in-law ready and I do; but I'm working crazy hours (12 hour shifts, either from 10PM to 10AM or vice versa) with erratic days off, so it will have to wait for me to adjust.

What I do have is this little verbal snapshot.

I can't easily ride my bike to work at the moment, but I want to try. I bought some neat gear which arrived today. One objet d'velocipede is a ninja cowl. S___ laughed at someone riding past us wearing one of those last night, so won't she be surprised! I think I'll sleep in it. It's very warm and caused the cat to eye me suspiciously.

Another bit of kit is a pair of tights. Man, were those hard to get on! Whoo, do they ever give me a manmel toe! For some folks, one doesn't have enough balls to wear something. For me, I have far too many balls to wear tights. They make my legs look good (the tights, not the balls. Those have always looked ungainly to me, actually. Like coconuts atop two swaying palms. Full of potential energy that you wouldn't want to sit under, in both cases) so I'll just have to find some tiny, tiny shorts.

I have been awake for a day and a half now and I don't need your forgiveness. I've been putting tea bags in S___'s espresso machine and I've found supa-tea helps me to stay awake without the jitters! Lookitmetype! I just chased the cat around the apartment wearing a ninja mask and tights, yelling "package for you, sir!" until he ran under the bed and I decided to write this.

I think you're neat.

I will write more when I've straightened out a little.

Stay classy, internet.