Monday, November 24, 2008

Only in Dreams

One of the ways the internet shocks me is that sometimes I see things on the internet and then can't remember if I dreamed them or not. The man who turned his penis into a flamethrower? Real. (NSFW, duh.) Shakira trying to sell me an alarm clock? Dream. A decent lion, who doesn't eat people right away. Real. Playing foursquare with Barack Obama? Dream.

A farm duck who adopts a beagle and joy is found, but the duck dies of old age and joy is lost, but the farmers stuff the duck's corpse and joy is found again? Plus, the farmer lady pulls the duck around on a rope so the beagle can play with it? Double plus, it's all in Spanish and set to that Aerosmith song from that movie. No, not that one. Right, that one.