Monday, September 19, 2005


While talking about chaos theory and butterflies in Brazil causing hurricanes in America...

Me: So, President Bush said that he was going to invade Brazil because we're fighting the butteflies over there so we don't have to fight them here.

Girlfiend: Because our butterflies our pretty.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Things that Matter

I feel powerless, because work is a little light at the moment and I spend too much time sucking in information from the internet that I have no capacity to effect. My girlfriend had a good idea about seeing if Habitat for Humanity in NOLA would take us for the winter holiday, but until then I'm stuck wondering why impeachment proceedings can be started for lying about a blowjob and not this.

However... a couple of weeks ago, she and I saw the creator of HummyKids at my neighborhood Staples, wearing a HummyKids long-sleeve t-shirt. He appeared to be buying supplies for something; perhaps supplies for something nefarious or mayhap for something benign. She made the "that's a scary man" face and now I am wary.

I'm looking at a new apartment tonight that happens to be in the same complex as the "HummyKids' Mansion" and I want you to know: I'm watching that guy. I can't fix what I see every day (the Washington Post website this morning had a picture of two beagles in a cage, pawing at the bars, still unclaimed from whatever hell they'd been left in. How do I obtain these dogs? I will feed them snausages), but my (maybe) new neighborhood has got something worth keeping an eye on.