Sunday, April 27, 2008

An Alternate Life, Briefly Glimpsed

My wife is a copy editor, web monkey, and occasional columnist for a local paper. God help us, if you click on her byline you see her beautiful face on her bio page and though she's kept it as vaguely nonidentifying as I've kept this blog she has picked up an internet friend. This friend sent her a bumper sticker, care of her paper but with her name on the envelope, advertising a very Alaska specific idea of having Governor Sarah Palin run as McCain's running mate. It is tacked up on the side of her cubicle. This friend, also through the magic of the internet, can be discovered through google to be something of a celebrity. He trains poodles to be sled dogs. He has a web page. He has a picture, too.

So, this is the man my wife could have married. I can see her future, clad in furs, reeking of poodle, wondering if perhaps there was another life for her with a quiet man in a small apartment in Arlington.